Not sure what to title this or if this can even be titled.

A man an a woman once met out of the blue. Now, this man wasn’t just any kind of man he was a gentleman and a man with a career with a future. They talked about work constantly. Talked everyday, they talked about each others kids, about the most craziest things around them. No one could’ve stop what was going; their friendship and similarities brought them closer than expected.
One night walking back home she leans over to kiss him. He didn’t stop her; then he placed his tongue down her throat with passion pulling her closer and closer. Holding on to him from his neck pulling him towards her with all her might. She went for it without a doubt.
When that magical moment was over she realized that she could never let this happen again. They both had kids and weren’t ready for nothing serious both had woken something up. The fire between them was like no other, there chemistry was amazing and the fire burned instantly when they glazed at each other. She couldn’t ask for more.
Like I said she knew she couldn’t it was impossible.
Not only would her family disagree, but the chaos that it would all bring. It wasn’t going to work out. The picture perfect moment had happened, the Cinderella kiss had happened.
Three days went by and she had avoided him. He was concerned and went after her. Like any man who loves his woman he chased her. Everyday for a whole week he liked for her, went to her work and called her cell.
She ran from him, at all cost she avoided him. Now, knowing that they both were in love with each other one thing was standing in there way.
He was married and so was she. Now can you see what she was running away from? She couldn’t just still someone’s husband someone’s dad. She wouldn’t Leave her husband and give her daughter a different life. Neglecting her daughter from waking up every day to see both her parents together, wasn’t one of her options.
Exactly two years have gone by and she still loves him. The love for him still there, but she doesn’t look for him. She wouldn’t dare.


I’ve met some people, gotten to know them and learned about them.

She was only 13 when she started dating this amazing guy. Who she taught he was the one. When she turned 15 she gave her self to him. Both of them making the same promise “you will for ever be my first, middle and end”. Three years later he broke her heart, broke the promise. He did not only sleep with someone but also gave her the news that he was going to be a dad.
For months she cried and later gave up. Her mom told her to start fresh that things happen for a reason that maybe he wasn’t meant to be. Right when she had gotten herself together and everything was better, she happens to go to an appointment complaining of pelvic pain with her mom accompanying. To find out that she was 4 months pregnant.

Tragedy? yes
She ended up hurt, heart broken and pregnant.
She was strong to keep the baby.
She’s still going to college and naming the best of everything.


My body is still in one piece. My heart and mind in the other hand are not.
I’ve been breaking into little bits of pieces everyday for the past 11 years. Today my heart can’t take it. The truth is that I am numb. The strength I have is the strength my daughter provides to me. Her smile, her love, her hugs. The small laughter coming out her mouth the i love you’s.
If you only knew.